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The availability of FREE eBooks and eJournals on the internet seems to be growing by the day. These pages list (with links to open the books) over 5,000 free Books and Journals on the topics of Irish History, Biography and Genealogy. most of them can also be downloaded to a reading device such as Kindle, iPad, Tablet, etc. (check the host site for available formats). Many of these books are 'out of print', rare or otherwise unavailable in paper format. The illustrations are taken from the books listed supplemented with photographs by 'PJC'. Just click a title to read the book on-line!

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Some examples of the Free eBooks linked on this site

 Free Irish Biography eBooks
 Hundreds of free eBooks:
   - Individuals
   - Biographical Dictionaries, Compilations
   - Church Lives, Saints of Ireland
   - Legal Luminaries
   - Memoirs of the Nobility
   - Military Leaders

* Free Irish Genealogy eBooks
   About 4,000 free eBooks and eJournals:
   - Index of Irish Pedigrees
   - Irish Clans, Tribes and Septs
   - Irish Family Histories
   - Irish-American Family Histories
   - Irish-Australian Family Histories
   - Irish-Canadian Family Histories
   - Irish Diaspora
   - Almanacs and Directories
   - Church Records
   - Guidebooks - Genealogy, Travel
   - Irish Genealogy Resources
   - Journals
   - Nobility and Landed Gentry
   - Some Mention Of....Family Histories and Biographies Not Found

* Free Irish History eBooks

   Over 1,500 free eBooks and eJournals:
   - History of Ireland
   - Irish Church History
   - Irish Legal History
   - Irish Local History
   - Irish Military History
   - State Papers, Parliament

* Holdings of Irish Family and Estate Papers
   Papers held in Archives, Libraries and Museums with links to introductions and on-line collections:
   - List of Irish Family and Estate Papers by Surname 
   - List of Other Papers

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